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East Sussex kinesiology. What kinesiology can do for you.
East Sussex kinesiology.  About me.
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Kinesiology is amazing as a tool for preventing health problems before they start.  The sensitivity of muscle testing can pick up energy changes before they have a chance to show up as conditions in the body.  For that reason having regular Kinesiology balancing sessions can make all the difference to your health.  


If, however, you are already experiencing health problems then Kinesiology can help to find out the best course of action to improve your health.  Muscle testing can clearly show which corrections are needed specifically for you. 

My name is Sarah Flynn.  I have been practising Kinesiology in Brighton for 30 years and I have a Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology awarded by the Academy for Systematic Kinesiology.


I have a strong interest in nutrition and have studied many aspects of nutrition throughout the years.  The importance of diet and nutrition in health cannot be denied, and attention to your diet will be a big part of the treatment you will receive.


I am also a life coach and spiritual counsellor.  I find it can be very helpful to combine Kinesiology with life coaching as it gives the opportunity to gain some very clear and accurate insights into what is getting in the way of achieving what you want in life.

Kinesiology is a way of identifying imbalances you may have by testing your ability of your muscles to resist light pressure.  Each of your muscles is related to an organ, and also to an energy pathway called a meridian. Together they form a circuit. If there are chemical, emotional, structural or energetic stresses affecting the circuit, your muscle  will feel spongy, indicating an imbalance.   Further muscle tests can be used to get feedback from your body about the causes of the imbalance, and what will help to rebalance it.


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East Sussex kinesiology. What is Kinesiology?
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