About Kinesiology

What Is Kinesiology?


Kinesiology is a way of identifying imbalances you may have by testing your ability of your muscles to resist light pressure.  Each of your muscles is related to an organ, and also to an energy pathway called a meridian. Together they form a circuit. If there are chemical, emotional, structural or energetic stresses affecting the circuit, your muscle  will feel spongy, indicating an imbalance.   Further muscle tests can be used to get feedback from your body about the causes of the imbalance, and what will help to rebalance it.


Discovering What's Causing Your Health Problems and What Will Help To Resolve Them


Each time something relevant is introduced into your body's circuit the response of your muscle  will change, a bit like a switch.  So if your imagine that your spongy muscle is like the switch being off; if you then think of an emotional stress and your muscle is suddenly able to resist the pressure, i.e it switches on, that indicates that the stress you thought of is involved in that particular imbalance.


It works with nutrition too.  If a particular nutrient is placed on your body, your energy field will read the energy field of the substance. If it causes your muscle response to change this is an indication that the particular nutrient will be helpful to you.  We can use the same process  to find  any related structural problems you may be suffering from, and any energetic aspects that need addressing.


Kinesiology is a Truly Holistic Treatment


Using the information gained from testing your muscles we can discover exactly what is involved in the imbalance and devise the right treatment plan for you. The beauty of Kinesiology is that because everyone is so individual, we can find the treatment that is right for you and your body.

The exact treatment you receive depends on the feedback your body gives through the muscle test about what it needs to return to health.


This may vary from appointment to appointment and could include nutritional supplements, various emotional  stress release techniques, flower remedies, acupressure, gentle structural realignment, chakra balancing, light touch, firm reflex massage, suggested lifestyle changes and more.


There is no guess work with Kinesiology!


Enjoy Improved Health

Feeling healthy and well is so important .  Without good health, life becomes harder and a bit of a chore.  You owe it to yourself to take control of your life and to enjoy improved health and well-being.


As a Kinesiology practitioner, I am dedicated to helping you maintain an optimum level of health alongside alleviating your current health conditions.  I encourage you to commit to self-help and improving your health regime as an important part of achieving true and long-lasting health.